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August 7, 2020 When the door officially closed on the 2020 Minor League Baseball season Tuesday, June 30, to be exact the Indianapolis Indians organization was weeks into preparations of hosting outside events at Victory Field. Before the season was canceled, The Vic had already held two travel baseball Pastime Tournaments each of the last two weekends in June, and the club was quick to arrange a third Pastime Tournament in mid July. Baseball was being played at the corner of West Maryland, albeit with 2.

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She was replaced when Chvez’s successor, Maduro, was elected in 2013. Daz and her husband, Adrin Velsquez, currently live in Madrid, where they were briefly arrested in 2018 on a Venezuelan warrant. For their alleged involvement in a $2.4 billion currency scheme and are identified as unnamed co conspirators in a Miami federal indictment against Daz’s predecessor as treasurer.

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