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Music the great equalizerOne day, he asked me whether I knew the name of a work of choral music which was dramatic and rousing and which involved monks and a medieval theme. He had tried to explain the same to employees in music aisles at various stores, but to no avail. They would look at him, he said, with their eyes rolling, or with a completely blank and uncomprehending stare! He had shopped in vain, not knowing cheap jerseys what to look for.

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When O’Callaghan got to Cal in 2001, he kept up the veneer of being straight. He told a story of being in a near empty Berkeley bar with his teammates as a freshman, and when an attractive woman walked in, she made a beeline for O’Callaghan and sat on his lap. He thought he was being set up by his teammates to prove his straightness, and he went along with it..

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When the coach determined it was time, we would start scrimmaging on the practice field. It was 11 against 11 with plays being called and live blocking and tackling. We would huddle up before each play in which the quarterback would call a play from the playbook.

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