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The 280 pound Williamson is one of the most powerful players in the game, and he tried to plant with his left foot as his right foot was slipping. The blue rubber sole ripped loose from the white shoe and Williamson’s foot came all the way through the large gap. He ended up in an awkward almost split, clutching the back of his right knee.

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29th April 2015Quote: “Until I’m, like, 60, I think, is what I signed up for. (but) I do feel like I’m with the cool rock band.” Actress Elizabeth Olsen is more than happy to portray Marvel’s Scarlet Witch for the next 30 years. The star makes her debut as the mind bending character in the new Avengers sequel The Age of Ultron..

There is value in teaching children to give. There is value in teaching children to save, and there is value in teaching children HOW to spend. We send them out into the world with no understanding of the basics of money and God forbid they should find themselves with a credit card with no knowledge of how that works. Children are not taught, in schools or by their parents generally speaking, to appreciate the hard work that went into their parents gaining a paycheck to buy them those new $150 sneakers or understand the family budget and bill paying.

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