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The world generates at least 3.5million tons of solid waste a day, 10 times the amount a century ago, according to World Bank researchers. If nothing is done, that figure will grow to 11 million tons by the end of the century, the researchers estimate. On average, Americans throw away their own body weight in trash every month.

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Three time Pro Bowl receiver Dez Bryant is a free agent after being cut by the Dallas Cowboys on Friday afternoon. He leaves as the franchise’s all time touchdown leader (73) and has many wondering whether he can contribute to a team in need of pass catchers. Except for Bryant, whostill feels he has a lot to contribute to a franchise willing to take the chance Dallas made a big mistake.

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Newton opens new pathways for Belichick. There has never been a player exactly like Newton in NFL history, a quarterback who blends arm strength, speed and power running. There have been plenty of fast, explosive athletes who play quarterback, particularly among the modern fleet of young passers taking over the league.

According to Hile, the key to beekeeping is you can mind the hard work and heat to wear long pants and a net over your head in the summer. Also have to be able to keep the bees alive and healthy which is a bit of challenge right now due to mites, he said. The bees are contracting viruses from being bit by mites and then pass on the viruses to the other bees in the hive.

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