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Rosenthal (7): Neither Los Angeles team claims the city on their uniforms, and here the Lakers seize Minneapolis (or “MPLS.”) on one jersey, a callback to their roots but odd still. The classic Icon Edition, evoking the days of Kareem and Magic, West and Wilt, stands out like few jerseys today, new or old. Probably doesn’t look so great on most fans, even in Southern California, so the City Edition is a good call..

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McMillan owns Sunshine Cycle Shop, housed in a corrugated metal Quonset hut in Greenville, South Carolina. That location has made it hard for McMillan to balance safety and service. “This is South Carolina, and sometimes the message doesn’t come through as quickly here.” Sunshine is being exceptionally, but not unreasonably, cautious.

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Yet her request, the PBA letter states, has been denied. Linden Police Chief David Hart did not return multiple phone calls and an email seeking comment. Department of Labor says employers in New Jersey “must provide reasonable accommodations for women who are pregnant.” A reasonable accommodation, the law states, could be periodic rest, assistance with manual labor or a temporary transfer to less strenuous or hazardous work..

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