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I read this past week that the cost estimate is a million dollars, I say, what? It ROI (return on investment), Rhodes said, digging into the terminology of his marketing background. A brand guy, everything that going forward now is a huge opportunity, one that really never comes in the lifetime of most people. A chance for corporations and sponsors not only in Edmonton but across the country to walk the talk and put some dollars behind a team, so the team can not only be back to where they were, but actually leap forward and take this as a golden opportunity to make a statement for all of Canada.

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Under Tokyo’s rule from 1895 through the end of World War II, Taiwanese were barred from advancing upward in government to the level of their colonizers. Local militias and other small bands of Taiwanese revolted but lacked the resources to overthrow the Japanese. Subsequent presidents in Taiwan have followed Lee’s lead on self rule, particularly Tsai, who routinely flouts China’s advances..

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