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Most people who work deal with some type of stress from time to time. It’s normal to have some days a little more stressful than others, but some people have incredibly stressful jobs that take the joy and excitement out of life. You might dread getting up in the morning just because you have to work.

While we disagree with Lee counsel claim, this was a claim that could have been raised for several weeks yet his counsel cited until the eleventh hour to raise it. Issuance of the mandate in our view, is not necessary as a matter of law to proceed with the execution, the 8th Circuit entry of judgement in early June and the Supreme Court order vacating the last remaining stay early this morning judicial actions that allow the execution to lawfully move forward. Notwithstanding, in an abundance of caution and in direct response to the objections Lee course first raised a couple of hours ago we have filed an emergency motion with the 8th Circuit to expedite the issuance of the mandate and ware awaiting the court decision.”.

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