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“Peyton is rightfully outraged by the allegations, which he emphatically denied to our organization and which have been publicly renounced by the source who initially provided them,” the Broncos said in a statement. “Throughout his career, particularly during his four seasons with the Broncos, Peyton has shown nothing but respect for the game. Our organization is confident Peyton does things the right way and we do not find this story to be credible.”.

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The Chargers blew out the Cleveland Browns, 38 14, on Sunday. They rushed for 246 yards, and Rivers was as sharp as ever. The Chargers are 4 2, with a plus 31 point differential. “We have a task force working very diligently on that,” Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer, said during a conference call with reporters. “We fully well expect that we will have positive cases that arise because we think that this disease will remain endemic in society. And so it shouldn’t be a surprise if new positive cases arise.

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The powerful runner didn’t exactly light up stat sheet with just 778 rushing yards and nine touchdowns, but hedid catch 37 passes and was featured in a Tennessee offense that ranked dead last in the SEC. The junior is a different runner than former teammate and current New Orleans Saint Alvin Kamara, but there is a thought he could have a better NFL career than his college numbers indicate. Yeldon and Derrick Henry with a second round selection? That’s unlikely after working within an offense that revolved around quarterback Jalen Hurts.

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