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Saunders has said he was inspired by “Our Town,” but his ghoulish gabfest is nothing like the stock still pronouncements of Thornton Wilder’s sepia toned play. Saunders’s ghosts are in full motion, in a fluid state of decay based on the moment of their deaths. In prose that rivals Hollywood special effects, we see, for instance, Roger Bevins III, a gay man who committed suicide and grows “so many extra eyes and noses and hands that his body all but vanished.” The roof over one burial vault is composed of tiny, shriveled souls, like a coral reef of wraiths.

It may be the toughest question to answer in the NFL: What has happened to the Seahawks? The two time defending NFC champions, the burgeoning dynasty that came one yard from consecutive Super Bowl titles and the biggest bully in football is suddenly just another team. They always seemed different their hits were fiercer, their crowd was louder, their opponents were more hopeless. There is nothing special about the Seahawks this season..

Henry caught six of his eight targets for 83 yards and a touchdown in Week 6 and now has at least 70 receiving yards in each of the last twogames. His 2.36 yards per route run place him No. 5 among tight ends and he has two touchdowns form the slot, tying him with three other players at the position for most in the NFL..

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