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And New Brunswick have much fewer confirmed cases of COVID 19.This means when it comes to socializing rules, what makes sense in one region might not in another, health and public policy experts say.READ MORE: How many Canadians have the new coronavirus? Total number of confirmed cases by regionIn Newfoundland and Labrador, the system is in place, meaning one household can socialize with another separate household and no cheap nfl jerseys others. Gatherings are also restricted to under 10 people in the province.In Nova Scotia, public gatherings are limited to five people. In Ontario, public gatherings of five or under are permitted, and Quebec recently announced that a maximum of 10 people from three different households will be allowed to see one another outside as of May 22.Even if rules are loosening a bit, Mulligan said she is concerned about the number of COVID 19 cases in the country especially in Ontario.British Columbia, they seeing very, very low numbers, but here in Ontario, we seeing upwards of 400 new cases every day, and not just in long term care, but also in the community, she said.have so little information right now about where those are coming from, what our level of testing is, who being affected, and whether we able to keep up with contact tracing and case management.are just so many unknowns that I don think it appropriate for us to be taking more risks this week than we were last week.

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