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These segments are relatively less impacted by Covid 19 related disruptions and that is positive for Bandhan Bank’s asset quality.The high provisions impacted the bottom line, which is logical. In fact, most private banks have stepped up advance provisions to cushion the COVID shock beginning the fourth quarter. Axis Bank provided Rs 3,000 crore for COVID while Kotak Mahindra set aside Rs 650 crore in Q4 and ICICI Bank provided Rs2725 crore in the fourth quarter.Bandhan’s approach is in line with the general industry.

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canada goose factory sale The resident remains in hospital, while the 177 residents and staff at the aged care facility have been tested for the virus. “We want our residents, their families, our dedicated staff and our community, to be aware of this situation and to reassure everyone we are working tirelessly to protect our residents and staff,” chief executive Carolyn Panassie said in a statement. Close contacts of the infected resident have been ordered to quarantine at home, the Department of Health confirmed HammondCare Caulfield Village went into lockdown after a resident in its dementia ward tested positive on Monday, before a second swab came back negative on Tuesday canada goose factory sale.