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cheap jerseys nba Set WeatherNew Jersey transportation officials have reversed the yields on two major traffic circles on roads that serve as a key corridor to Jersey Shore towns leading to some confusion from drivers unaware of the changes.Vehicles traveling in Wall Township on Route 35 from both directions will now yield to vehicles already in the Atlantic Avenue Circle, according to a press release from the Department of Transportation. Up until Wednesday, Route 35 traffic had the right of way entering the circle while traffic from Atlantic Avenue had to yield.Similar work was completed on the Manasquan Circle on Route 34 in the township earlier this week, the DOT said. That circle is the second intersection for drivers after exiting the Garden State Parkway headed to Point Pleasant Beach, Manasquan and other nearby Jersey Shore towns.Video from News12 on Wednesday shows motorists on Route 34 speeding past the new yield signs, seemingly unaware of the new traffic pattern.Directional arrows have also been painted onto the roadway to improve the flow of traffic, said DOT Spokesman Stephen Shapiro.”New signs guide motorists toward the appropriate lanes to minimize the weaving or lane changing within the circle as much as possible,” the agency said in its news release.Wall Township police have been monitoring the traffic at both circles, said Lt. cheap jerseys nba

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wholesale nba jerseys from china Heritage MicrofilmHeritage MicrofilmHUMAN NATURE, JANUARY 16, 1919When a person is sick, whether with the flu or the coronavirus, it is advised that they stay home and away from their office.That is what the subject of this cartoon did, remaining home from work for a week while telling everyone he had only a bad cold and not influenza.”Flu your grandmother!” the man says when another says he hopes he does not have the flu. “It’s nothing but a bad cold.”This continues for three more panels.”What a terrible scourge this influenza is! My! My!” a doctor says.When he finally returns to his office, one of his coworkers asks how he managed to get a week off if all he had was a cold”Cold!!!?” he replied. “I had the FLU! A darn close call, too!” Editorial cartoons from the Syracuse Herald in 1918 and 1919 gave a unique perspective on the Spanish influenza epidemic wholesale nba jerseys from china.