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Author: Sr. Dr. Teena

Trusting in Divine Providence brings great joy and happiness to the Soul. Here is an incidence that took place in my life when dealing with a complicated case of a pregnant lady.

On 11th July 2016 at 2 am Mrs. Rukmani, a 22 years old lady, first time pregnant, was rushed to our hospital with complains of labor pain on the previous day in the morning and passing of blood since night. She gave a history of being admitted in a district hospital in the morning and was found to have obstructed labor in the night. On being catheterized, there was frank blood in the urine. On emergency basis a Gynaecologist was called; but he did not attend to the patient as he was at home, 1 km from the hospital. Inspite of the patient’s husband going to the Doctor’s house, there was no response.

Being in utter distress, the relatives learnt that there is a hospital where there are facilities for deliveries, Caesarean Section and other Surgeries. With the advice of the people, the patient and her husband along with their relatives came with fear and trembling in heavily pouring rain. I was called and briefed about her condition. On examination I found her very pale, exhausted and was in good labor contraction. Her urinary bladder was distended upto the umbilicus with frank bleeding seen in the catheter. With such strong contractions, I feared that she was heading for a ruptured uterus and had to take her immediately for the Caesarian Section. The situation was critical and risky. I explained to the husband the high risk of the surgery and its complications due to the present clinical condition. He stood helpless, in tears.

Action began with a prayer to God our Father and Mary our Mother, to be with us and the patient and we believed that God will do the needful. The patient needed blood transfusion as her blood counts were low and there was a high chance of bleeding. Blood was drawn from the husband as he was “O” positive, the same as his wife.

I prepared myself for severe bleeding as soon as we start the incision due to low platelets and which would further complicate the existing severe anemia. It was time for God to intervene and surely He did. To my surprise there was no bleeding from the incision site as I had expected during the surgery. We delivered a healthy baby and as usual the uterus was sutured with normal blood loss. There was a large amount of peritoneal fluid collection in the abdomen which still kept draining through the abdominal drain. Post operatively, the patient had abdominal distension with no complications. After conducting the surgery I waited behind to donate blood, just incase the patient required more blood.

And as any other Caesarian Case she was discharged on the 7th Day of her admission. Thanks be to God. As there is only one Gynaecologist in the district hospital, many patients now come to our hospital and I am able to help them. At times I get complicated cases due to the delay in the treatment and care of the patient, but this experience keeps me trusting in Divine Providence and enables me to go ahead helping the patients as God’s hand is there to intervene.