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I get it, I know what you are about and I know what changing your journey is about. It is really uncomfortable to think of any way to get to another reality which is different than what you have lived with for all these years. It is uncomfortable and plain scary.

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Always remember our team get togethers at Christmas, former BG girls coach Mark Moschella said. Kids were always so happy to see Father Crosser, and he meant so much to the school and our teams whether it was on the bench with us or sitting in the first row. Said one of the last games Crosser was able to attend in person was the Marauders 2018 District 6 championship win over Purchase Line at Mount Aloysius..

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Sen. Josh Hawley, R Mo., went on a three tweet rant on the subject, writing: “Nike thinks American flag is symbol of oppression? What planet are you on? Nike gladly allows Chinese Communist Party to tell it what products to sell while building its business around sweatshop labor. Nike is anti American, pure simple.

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