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Outlook: The Cowboys will be a desperate bunch if they lose this one and fall to 1 3. Thanks to their defense, they won And now doctors are telling DE Charles Haley not to play for three weeks because of his sore back. The Bills expect to go without QB Jim Kelly, who injured a hamstring in practice on Thursday.

“We tend to take things for granted,” Guice said as he stood behind a lectern in a room behind the locker room. “When football was taken away from me, I was in a place where I was lost. My brothers were out there going to war. “I want to live by my principles,” one policeman told the Los Angeles Times.The more that the country’s hard line leader Xi Jinping tries to impose his harsh rule, the more the tactics of dissent in China may be shifting toward Mr. Liu’s approach. In Hong Kong, for example, many pro democracy activists are asserting their rights in creative ways, such as expressing songs without lyrics or holding up posters without words.

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Most of the teams that ran away early are, predictably, coming back to the field. The Patriots’ defense is legit, but their offense is struggling. The Saints were rolling, but their road is getting tougher. Here’s the problem: When neither team scores on their first possessions, there is little time left for either team to score. Only 3:48 remained in overtime after the Vikings and Packers exhausted their first possessions. Last week, there was 5:29 remaining after two possessions in the Cleveland Pittsburgh tie.

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Mike Babcock is available. Peter Laviolette is available. Combined, they have 35 years of NHL head coaching experience. In most cases, the unemployment rates for those groups are only slightly higher than they were in 2012, when the country was still emerging from the recession that began shortly before Barack Obama took office. But those unemployment rates were relatively good, compared with the prior year. The unemployment rates now are quite bad, relative to 2019 but, of course, quite good, compared with March..

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