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ENT doctors saw an increase in patients reporting anosmia and started to publish case studies based on the experience of their patients many of them healthcare professionals. One, a neurosurgeon, reported anosmia with no other symptoms. Two days later he tested positive for COVID 19..

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Tharoor, the brilliant scholar that he is, has neatly separated the wheat from the chaff and kept his arguments focused on three areas. In Section I, Tharoor lays bare ‘My Hinduism’ before the reader. In Section II, titled Political Hinduism, he cheap nfl jerseys examines Hinduism and the Politics of Hindutva and the uses and abuses of Hindu culture and history.

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(Reporting by Doina Chiacu; Additional reporting by David Shephardson; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)Joe Biden says black people who vote for Donald Trump black /react text >JoeBidendeclared he “should not have been so cavalier” on Friday after he told a prominent black radio host that African Americans who back President Donald Trump “ain black”. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee quickly moved to address the fallout from his remark, which was interpreted by some as presuming that black Americans would vote for him. In a call with the USBlack Chamber of Commerce, Mr Bidensaid he would never “take the African American community for granted”.