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Comics: These Mummers perform various skits that satirize and make fun of current events and pop culture. The comics are made up of three big groups, which are broken down into smaller clubs. This year, the Fancy Brigades include 2nd St. Islanders Click for Playlist Jan. 15 vs. Hurricanes Click for Playlist Jan.

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Despite this unbalance, one of the secrets to India’s recent success has been the team’s chemistry and comfort level with each other. My hope is that Satnam can intermingle his game smoothly with our other top players without disturbing this chemistry. The best case scenario for India will be if he can master the delicate equilibrium between being at his individual best while playing within the team system..

At the end of last year, he and his wife, Diane Arnold, an artist and former teacher, bought the tiny but charming Mesa Bookstore on Cliff Drive. The two of them make it about the friendliest and greatest books per square foot bookstore in town. May they join other local stores and stores across the country to demonstrate that the printed book is far from being eliminated..

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Delegate Grammer is correct about one thing. If people continue to act irresponsibly there isn’t really that much police or the government in general can ultimately accomplish even if they go on a citation writing bender. They can’t lock up every person who chooses not to wear a mask in public places.

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