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Have to give ourselves a chance (tonight), he said. Game plan we have is not going to change. We might try some different matchups, but it doesn change. But we live to swank again. Imagine going there with a seventh, with a nineteenth. They may struggle to fill the ground..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Media, News PremiershipsRace Diary InformationNSW Race ClubsIndustry Forms Stakes PaymentRules, Policies WHSGuide to RacingPromising debutante King Lenny has shown trainer Todd Smart enough to suggest he can overcome a wide draw at Kembla Grange on Saturday.The unraced two year old has drawn the outside of a 12 horse field in the Wave FM 2YO Maiden Plate (1000m) but Smart is leaning towards giving King Lenny his chance from the wide alley.King Lenny is also nominated for next Wednesday’s meeting on the Kensington Track at Randwick but Smart was keen to test his juvenile down the spacious Kembla straight.Canberra based trainer Todd Smart. Image by Bradley Photographers”It is not ideal drawing wide but he is a horse that I have a fair bit of an opinion of,” Smart said. “He trialled really well wholesale nfl jerseys.