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The Niners laid an egg last season when they opened the season against the Seahawks, but that game was also in Seattle where the Seahawks are a tough team to beat. The Seahawks decided to go with Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback and he did not look sharp at all during the pre season. Considering the Niners strong defense, and the fact that they are at home will make things that much more difficult for Jackson.

I cried enough. I here for one reason. For my brother honour. “It says a lot about them. It says a lot about taking advantage of the opportunity, and stepping up when we need it,” Brees said of his latest touchdown targets. “It’s fun to watch them grow and gain confidence.

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Buffalo’s LeSean McCoy, the No. 4 PPR running back last season, went No. 8 overall. Michelin, our host at the event, makes two tire types that are popular in the prototype class. The more common are the blue bias ply (try to spot them in the gallery images), which cost the teams $79 per tire. The much more efficient radial tires (45/75 R16) are about 60 percent better, but also cost $235 a tire.