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Take advantage of opportunities like injuries or ball picking moments before throw ins or goal kicks to get some water hydration. Another viable tip is to close your eyes momentarily and take your mind out of the game just for a few seconds. Couple this with deep breaths as shared in part 1, 5 10 should be good enough for a brief respite.

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Writing about the harsh Patagonian desert, Bruce Chatwin wrote words that also fit the spectacular terrain wild Pete and I hiked through to reach Oak Camp: “The Patagonian desert is not a desert of sand or gravel, but a low thicket of grey leaved thorns. [even] Charles Darwin found its negative qualities irresistable. More than any of the wonders he had seen, these wastes had taken such firm possession of his mind (“In Patagonia,” p.

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Regular moderate exercise is good for body, mind and spirit and will help you keep your memory functioning properly. When this transpires they begin to turn yellow and after that they start to turn brown. This really is perfectly natural and completely typical.

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