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Much like Kaepernick, whilst it can be seen as an act of defiance, it is really more about not standing for a society, nation, or ideal that oppresses anyone of any creed, especially Black people and people of colour. Knelt outside the Dallas County Alabama Courthouse alongside a group of civil rights activists in 1965. They had been on a march, and after they were arrested for ‘parading without a permit’, Luther King Jr.

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cheap nfl jerseys In Green Bay. The day started with the Ravens and Jaguars facing off in London, and players on both sidelines knelt or linked arms during the national anthem. Jaguars owner Shahid Khan also participated, linking arms with his players. “When I showed up, one of the guys said, ‘You know this is a historical black school?’ I said, ‘What does that mean?’ He said, ‘You’re going to very much be a minority here.’ I said, ‘Okay, cool,'” Gillan said. “I started to find out what HBCU meant. It didn’t bother me. cheap nfl jerseys

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Nike Inc has chosen Colin Kaepernick, the first NFL player to kneel during the US national anthem as a protest racism, as one of the faces for advertisements commemorating the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” slogan, a move that could draw President Donald Trump ire. “Colin has been a Nike athlete since 2011,” Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon John said on Monday. “Colin is one of a number of athletes being featured as part of our 30th anniversary of Just Do It.” The former NFL quarterback posted a black and white close up of himself on Instagram and Twitter on Monday featuring the Nike logo and “Just do it” slogan along with the quote, “Believe in something. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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In discussing his health, Trump has noted his parents’ longevity. His mother died at 88 and his father lived to 93, though he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for about five years. Trump has said that he has never smoked or imbibed alcohol, which Jackson said has contributed to the president’s good health..

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