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Author: Sr. Dr. Annie Sheela

The great name of Jesus

From my childhood I have had great love for Jesus and experienced the wonder work of Jesus. Whenever we faced certain difficult situation or problems at home, as the elder daughter I used to gather my younger siblings and together we would loudly and continuously call out Jesus  .. Jesus… Jesus… and things would be settled.

Jesus gave me the seat in medical college

St. John’s Medical College has only one seat for DM Cardiology and anyone from India can apply for this seat. Applicant doctors prepare a lot and come for the entrance. As I was working in a P. S. Mission hospital, I could not prepare much for the entrance. As preparation I spent 10 days in our prayer house in Ayroor, where I prayed and also studied every  text I had  taken  for study, like a machine. I made small notes from these text books, and I remember with great wonder that almost all questions had come from these notes. The last night before travel to Bangalore for the entrance, in a the dream as I was standing in front of a calm but great sea, Jesus gave me a paper to write. As I was searching for a pen, the waves brought me a big pen; and in the exam I could answer almost all questions very easily and I completed the exam 15 minutes before time. Previous day of the clinical interview, in a dream Jesus showed me even the clinical diagnosis of the patient kept for case discussion. scored high marks and got that only seat.

Wonder work of JESUS, the Great Cardiologist

A 86 years old lady was brought in at 9 pm with severe heart attack, in shock, gasping and was dying. Since recovery was unlikely, all were expecting her to breath her last. Emergency rescue coronary angioplasty was the only possible treatment. Cath lab was not available in our hospital at that time. The relatives were not taking her to another major centre also. I just went to chapel, sat with my eyes closed and asked Jesus to conduct the coronary angioplasty with me. As a cardiologist, in the next 25-30 minutes, I did all steps of the procedure to open up the blocked artery in her. Wonder work of Jesus! Next morning, she was hale and hearty, in good health and cheers! She still comes for regular health checkups.

A 40 years old lady collapsed just 4 minutes after reaching the casualty on 18th June 2017. Even though she was resuscitated, connected to ventilator; the relatives insisted to shift her to a major hospital. They refused to go to a close by corporate hospital and took her to a faraway hospital in a cardiac ambulance. She was only for one hour in our hospital since arrival to the casualty. She expired 8 days later in that referral centre. She had hypoxic damage to the brain and her relatives decided to come and damage our hospital and property. To our great surprise, we woke up in the morning with full police protection all around our hospital . We still don’t know who arranged this. We believe… JESUS… JESUS… JESUS … only Jesus.

Jesus, as a BlackAmerican

I was traveling for the first time in USA, and I missed the connecting flight from Atlanta  to Nashville,  Tennessee.  I was made to travel in a very small aircraft with only the Pilot as crew member and 4 persons including me as travelers. We landed in a small airport in Nashville, Tennessee. I was completely lost there. The person who had to receive me was waiting at in the main large airport. I did not have a cell phone to communicate. I waited there for some time, it was raining and cold . I could see the other passengers getting into different cars and moving to their destination. As I was standing there with a worried and staring look, suddenly a black American opened the door of his vehicle. He came to me and asked whether I could travel with him to the main airport. I took the risk, traveled with him and reached the airport in 30 minutes. There I met my relative in the parking area just as he was about to leave that place to go in search of me. Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… it is only Jesus who helped me.