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An investigation was conducted and the parents of the student who posted the image were contacted. While this behavior did not seem to be directed toward any one individual, it is clearly unacceptable behavior in terms of our expectations for student conduct as a school district and as a community. The school administration and the SPD reacted swiftly to intervene and to minimize the impact on our students.

It’s Seahawks fans. It’s 49ers fans. It’s something else. Finally in 2000, an EPO test was introduced by the IOC and more than 200 athletes in Olympic sports have since tested positive. One who never did was Lance Armstrong, who won a bronze medal in the time trial that year. In 2013, he confessed to using drugs throughout his career and returned the medal..

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Facebook Live was Keiana Herndon’s personal reality show. Almost every day, shewould broadcast her singing voice, the minutiae of her life and images of her two children to the phones of family and friends. On Dec. The Redskins’ woes are easier to explain. They pinned their hopes on Griffin and, after injuries and an apparent lack of harmony that ended the Shanahans’ coaching tenurein Washington, he has yet to fully deliver on the price tag they paid. The trade cost themdraft resources to build out the rest of the roster, and now they lack Griffin as well whilehe recuperates.

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