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Author: Sr. Dr. Lenita

“Heard memories  are sweet But those unheard are sweeter.
Seen deeds are great
But those unseen are sublimely marvellous.

As I take a stroll down the memory lane, I recollect all the beautiful memories that took place in my medical career. It seems like yesterday that these miracles occured in my life. Looking back, I see the thread of God’s love and guidance all through my life.

In 1997, after sucessfully completing my MBBS, I was posted at a rural center in K.R Pete, Mysore. One fine day, a 56 year old lady visited me regarding her health issue. Her entire body was afflicted with a skin disease for 8 years and looked very unappealing to the eyes. After a thorough examination, I diagnosed her to have severe form of psoriasis and suggested that she consults a dermatologist. She then narrated to me about all the treatment failure she experienced in several states like Bangalore, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and how she was advised to come see me as a last ray of hope.

I referred her to a tertiary centre but she refused saying, “My disease seems incurable by all the Dermatologists. I heard about this centre. Please don’t refuse to treat me.” I never believed in an instant miracle through my hands. But for her satisfaction, I treated her with simple medications that were available at my Center. When she returned  after 24 days, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was completely healed by God’s grace. Her skin was glowing and she was looking like a charming lady. That was the first miracle I witnessed with my own eyes.

Ever since I completed my post graduation, I do witness miracles everyday in my life. I allow His healing power to flow through me to my patients.

Another incident I recollect is about a 40 years old lab technician from Mangalore who had infertility for 18 years.

3 infertility Specialists told her that she will never conceive, as she had already finished 3 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which had failed. Finally she agreed to adopt a baby. 2 months prior to adoption, she approached me. I understood her problem was beyond any medical treatment. Yet I said, “For God nothing is impossible.” I asked her to put all her trust in the Lord and treated her for 2 months. Alas! A miracle. She conceived and was blessed with 2 beautiful kids. Since then I have treated more than 100 infertility patients who had ART failure, and many went back home with the gift of having a baby.

These are the greatest moments of my life, the ones I will never forget. These memories I will cherish and hold close to my heart. My journey in faith strengthens me, as the years goby.

‘We care, God heals’ is the slogan displayed at many hospitals. Yes, sometimes people fail, technologies fails, but God still works.

I strongly believe, that it is God who touches and heals. We are only instruments in his hands. I thank God for the great wonders the Lord works through Sister Doctors when we place our trust in Him.

“Miracle happens everyday. Change your perception of what miracle is and you will see them all around you.” (Jon BonJovi)

“Before I formed you in the womb… I knew you, Before you were born I consecrated you.” (Jer 1:5)

My life may not be going the way I planned it; but it is going exactly the way God planned it.