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(ok, the Pirates are horrible, but they have the absolute best park in the league. Just ask ESPN.) But I guess since you’re just a blogger you didnt (and will never) to any research before writing this swill. Oh, and here is a news flash for you: ALL FANS ARE BITTER WHEN THERE TEAM LOSES!! Im sure all of you remember the beatings your team has taken by the hands of the Pens, especially in the playoffs.

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The NFL deserves plenty of criticism for its wildly inconsistent morals. But its tendency to provide second chances is one of the best things about it, an essentially good and right impulse. Sure, some teams are self serving about it, and sometimes players squander the chance.

Jarrett impressed coaches with his ability to quickly learn both safety positions in games and by showing in practices he may have the capability to serve as nickelback in some situations. Robinson’s special teams prowess translated into job security again. Johnson didn’t have the strongest of preseasons, partially because he missed time with injury, but he also will serve as a reliable backup to Ihenacho and a key special teams contributor..

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