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You, my friend, are in the second stage of grief. You went through shock and disbelief and now you are pissed! I have been there. I have to tell you this is just a phase. Set WeatherThe Eagles placed starting right tackle Lane Johnson, linebacker Nathan Gerry and backup offensive lineman Jordan Mailata on the reserve/COVID 19 list on Wednesday.Johnson, Gerry and Mailata returned to the NovaCare Complex for coronavirus testing on Tuesday.The Eagles further clarified the trio’s placement on the list with the following statement:”The Reserve/COVID 19 list was created for a player who either tests positive for COVID 19 or who has been in close contact with an infected person or persons. Johnson signed autographs and took pictures with the workers from the Rita’s truck.”All of these people are working their tails off, day in and day out,” Johnson told NJ Advance Media. “These people are the real heroes.

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Cat like reflexes is an adjective which is generally used to describe sportspersons with remarkable flexibility and agility. However, many people still wonder why and how, off all the animals, cats became the trademark of flexibility and agility. Well to get your answer you don’t have to look any further than the video shared by former Australia cricketer Dean Jones.

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