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It was really geared around Jon Gruden. That’s not unusual, TV really is an analyst driven medium. Jon had a particular set of skills that he did really well, and foremost among them was analyzing the play, breaking down the play, ‘here’s why they ran that play, here’s why it worked, here’s what this guy did or didn’t do.’ It was really football heavy, X and O heavy, and I think most play by play guys, all play by play guys, would’ve felt like a bit of a bystander.”.

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Payne is part of what Washington hopes will be the centerpiece of a revival for the franchise. He joined the team as a first round draft choice in 2018 after Washington had used a first round draft choice on another Alabama defensive lineman, Jonathan Allen, in 2017. In 2019, Washington drafted Mississippi State defensive end Montez Sweat in the first round, and in 2020, it used the No.

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Last season, he admitted he decided on a starting quarterback because of what he heard on a radio call in show. This season, he released quarterback Bob Avellini, his whipping boy, after saying he couldn’t play him because the crowd would boo too much. He readily admits he has a bad temper (a locker punching incident last year is ample evidence) and decided, at the end of last season, that the only way to remember to keep his composure was to put on a tie.

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