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Cheap Jerseys china The ruling is significant, as builders over the years modified plans and made additions to their existing constructions without taking the buyers into confidence, leaving the latter helpless, as they were promised a completely different structure.The case was filed by four homebuyers Deepesh Singh, Sujay Joshi, Nikhil Bare and Vaibhav Ballal against Ms Neelkanth Constructions, for its Neelkanth Vihar Phase I project at New Panvel.The complainants alleged that despite receiving the possession of their flats, the developer is yet to form the society and allot parking spaces to the occupants.Responding to the complaint, Neelkanth Constructions said it wanted to utilise the unused floor space index (FSI). Accusing the complainants of ulterior motives, Neelkanth Constructions contented that after taking the possession of their flats, the buyers cannot stop it from consuming the FSI of the entire land.The developer said they started the process of forming the society, but the complainants kept obstructing the respondent to extract money from the builder. Hence, the society formation process was stopped. Cheap Jerseys china

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