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Author: Sr. Dr. Dayana

Whenever you do not understand what is happening around you, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say, “God, I know it is your plan. Just help me through it.”Instantly our beloved Lord will unravel many incomprehensible things to you. He will unbox intriguing mysteries.

This is what I have internalised from the umpteen touching experiences that have breezed through me in this healing ministry that I’m called for.

Sharing one of those treasured moments, I look back to July 14, 2017 that akin to any other day dawned pleasantly. However, at 9.00 a.m. I was disturbed by unbearable, wailing and weeping amidst which a six year old girl and her uncle were carried to the casualty in utmost hurry. Mustering all courage and pumping out all energy, I rushed to the casualty to attend the case. As I reached closer, I could hear only their loud cries that shrouded their words. I was clueless. A few minutes later whispers of the attenders drilled my ears.

“They were going to temple by bike…. accident….Please do something doctor….Pleaaasseeeee”

Immediately as if shaken up from a trance, I started examining the child. On examination I discovered that the girl had open cut injury over the right side of her neck. Without wasting much time I immediately started treating her. Meanwhile, I referred her uncle to a Higher Medical centre as he had sustained multiple fractures.

Two hours later, when I visited the child in the ward the scene quite moved me as I saw the child on the father’s lap and the mother sitting next to him. Their eyes were fixed on the child. Their hands ran gently over her head and body caressing her. Uncontrollable tears flowed down their eyes, while  they   were   speaking   something   into   her  ears. I immediately sharpened my ears and inquisitively listened to what they were saying. I turned motionless as the mother said “Oh my precious daughter. You are God’s gift to us after 20 years of our married life. You brought meaning to our life and brought in joy and mirth in the family. You mean a lot to us.”

The mother’s words pierced my heart. I wondered at the mystery of life and death. Suddenly, I came back to reality and sent the baby for a CT scan with the given nature of the lllJury.

After four hours, I found the father carrying the child over his shoulder and running to the casualty as he did in the morning immediately after the accident. This time I was jolted and became speechless as I examined the pulseless girl with fixed and dilated pupils.

Was it the parents’ innocence or ignorance?

They had taken the girl straight to the temple instead of CT scan and had given her “yellow water” and clothed her in yellow robes. That is when they had noticed her pulse dropping and rushed her back to the casualty. “Oh God!! What’s all these?”

Gradually, I garnered enough strength and with a feeble and quivering voice revealed to them, “The baby is NO MORE.” Both cried inconsolably but their firm gaze articulated a gravity, an intensity that startled me. As I moved away from them I heard their rhetorical questions:

“Why…. Why…. Why….. to us?”
“We were only going to the temple….”
“And you took her life away in the temple…..”
“Oh God… its’s you who gave her after 20 years of our married life and you robbed us of her in six years.”
“What wrong did we do? What sin did we commit?”
“If you wanted a life, you could have taken either of us.” “Doctor please tell us…. Why all these to us?”

I just kept slowly drifting away from them, bankrupt of even a syllable to respond.

As moments and days passed I eventually learnt that every event that we encounter in life is a hard shell to break – a doorway to maturity. It is in experiencing the experience you comprehend the most difficult truth that the shells can tum even the parasites into stupefying and lustrous pearls.