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In 2005, they were 6 6 before winning their final four games. In 2007, they turned 5 7 into 9 7. In 2012, they went from 6 6 to 10 6. “What I like about Ferrell as opposed to the other defensive ends [in the draft] is that I knew what we were getting,” Mayock said. “He’s 265 pounds and could end up playing at 275 to 280. He looks like the defensive ends Paul Guenther had in Cincinnati.

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In Seattle, Wilson is the people’s king. Ever since coming home with the Super Bowl ring in 2014, he can do no wrong in the Emerald City. And he adores the city in return. Of the key players on this roster, Ryan Kerrigan made a smooth transition despite playing exclusively as a down lineman at Purdue. Trent Murphy (who will now face competition from Smith) was used as a down lineman at Stanford, took his lumps as a rookie and is still working on his conversion to outside linebacker. However, because of the way Mississippi State’s coaches used Smith, Gruden believes the transition will proceed without a hitch..

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“I was trying to get them to review it,” Reich said at his postgame news conference. “But the officials on the sideline told me it was being reviewed. And then the Texans called timeout. Wilson has been sacked 26 times in the past seven games, including a season high six times by the Eagles in the first matchup. Not surprisingly, his passer rating in those games is just 90.7 and his yards per attempt is just 7.2. Protection has been an issue for Seattle and is likely to remain that way.

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