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They have fun. They have worked their whole lives to get to the point where they are able to perform at the college level of athletics. They put in longhoursof training and perform at high levels to produce wins and put people in seats. These range from HDD (hard disk drive) to SSD (solid state drive). SSDs are the fastest and most reliable, whereas HDDs are comparatively slower and less reliable. SSHD and HHD are hybrid drives, where the laptop will a small part of the total storage space on an SSD, and the rest on an HDD.

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The Steelers and QB Mason Rudolph were life and death to defeat Miami a couple of weeks ago, and Indy last Sunday even after Indy lost starting QB Jacoby Brissett with a first half knee sprain. Rams are rested. Steelers top three running backs are out.

There will also be Writing Center and CTLE staff on hand to discuss the services they provide through the Learning Commons. You will be able to learn about the lecture capture room and how students can practice presentations, record them, and save a digital copy. The Writing Center will be providing evening hours and drop in times for students to get help where and when they need it..

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