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After running in to make a basket catch on Gregorius blooper to center with the bases loaded, Bradley noticed that Luke Voit had left first base and was almost at second. What Bradley failed to notice: first baseman Mitch Moreland wasn covering the bag. Bradley throw to no one went into the dugout, allowing two runners to score..

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Obviously there was a sense of disbelief, not over the shelter in place but over the fast and growing impact of COVID 19 on all our worlds. Ettan has been a journey of hard work, commitment and love and now in less than a month we were mandated to close our doors. As far as the shelter it seemed like a wise decision, albeit unfortunate for us.

On low lying ground like the Mekong Delta, the rising ocean salted fields essential to supplying the world with rice. Had long ago estimated the century could see a billion climate refugees, and it was beginning to appear it was unnervingly correct. What could the rich countries say? These were people who hadn caused the crisis now devouring their lives, and there weren enough walls and cages to keep them at bay, so the migrations kept roiling the politics of the planet..

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