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In their statement, Scott and Wallace said Carlson would address the matter on air on Monday.Last year, Carlson came under additional scrutiny after the Fox watchdog group Media Matters unearthed comments the host made as a guest on Bubba the Love Sponge radio show many years ago. In appearances on the show beginning in 2006, Carlson variously referred to Iraqis as “semiliterate primitive monkeys” and described “a culture where people just don’t use toilet paper or forks.” Carlson also said that Afghanistan could not be a “civilized country because the people aren’t civilized.”In October 2018, white nationalist leader Richard Spencer tweeted his support of Carlson, calling him “the most based, interesting, and impactful mainstream conservative commentator.” Last week, David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, tweeted advice to Donald Trump, whom he endorsed for president: “Nominate Tucker Carlson for Vice President. This would energize your campaign beyond belief.”The revelation of Neff’s toxic views comes on the heels of Carlson’s comments denigrating Sen.

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