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The Silver Jubilee of SDFI beckons us to rejoice, remember with gratitude, and reflect with mind and heart on the ways and means to walk more fruitfully, to move from Silver to Golden years. Every President and her team, from its origin, have contributed to the history of the Forum till today. From 2010 to 2016, I was elected  as  4th President of the Forum. I shall recount here, what the Lord has done during this period.

Shifting of the functioning office to St. Mary’s Hospital, Malur:- In the initial years, SDFI had its functional office in the premises of St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore. Thereafter, the office was shifted to the headquarters of CHAI in Secunderabad. However, from 2010 onwards the functioning office is at St. Mary’s Hospital, Malur, Kolar District, Karnataka.

Receiving Prior Permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, from 2010 to 2013, was another main achievement during this time. This enabled us receive the Financial Support from Misereor, Germany directly into the Forum.

The themes for 2010- 2013:

  1. Children’s Health, Nation’s Health – 2010:- With the launching of “Save the Girl Child”, 2012 during this Conference we continued this theme for one more It was appreciated and supported by Vatican and Vatican Radio as well as by the people of India both from cities and hamlets.
  2. Youth, the Nation’s Heart Beat – 2011 was another successful event.
  3. Let the Girl Child Live- 2012 – A nationwide campaign was launched on this occasion on the theme- “Save the Girl Child.”

Re-election of Sr. Dr. Lucian for a second term: The year 2013 was unique as we had our 19th CME and AGBM along with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore the Alma mater of most of the Sister Doctors. The College acknowledged the work of Sister Doctors in furthering the mission of St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore and an award was given to SDFI. At this AGBM, I was reelected for one more term. Since the Prior Permission for FCRA expired in 2013, we applied for FCRA Permanent registration from MHA, Government of lndia.

The themes for 2013 2016:

  1. Women Alpha and Omega-2014
  2. Healthy Life Style for Healthy Living-2015
  3. Growing old gracefully and fruitfully-2016

At the 2016 AGBM in Bhopal, Sr. Dr. Beena UMI was elected as the 5th National President. There was a mutual understanding that I will continue to work for FCRA till we received it.

I would like to summarize the main events of the Forum from 2010 – 2016:

  1. Continued Medical Education Program for Sister Doctors which was conducted 6 times at National Levels and 42 times at Regional Levels.
  2. Holistic Health Awareness Program in schools and Anemia Eradication Program were conducted in 44 schools during 2010 – 2013 (First term) and 52 schools during 2013 – 2016 (Second term) and remote villages all over India.
  3. Training in Ultra Sonography in Coimbatore and Palliative care Program in MNJ Regional Palliative Care Centre, Hyderabad – 30 Sister Doctors were trained.
  4. Disaster Management in Flood Relief Camps in Uttarkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Chennai and earthquake stricken Nepal.
  5. Launching a Campaign on “Save the Girl Child” Nation wide and Region wise.
  6. Awareness Creation in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women and Adolescents at the National and Regional level.
  7. Updating the Knowledge of 11 Sisters as Lab Technicians in Rural Areas.

Kudos to all the Sister Doctors and all the Executive Board Members who worked in union with each other during 2010 – 2016. My special thanks to Sr. Dr. Emily Susai FMM, Vice President, Sr. Dr. Prema Devaraj SND, Secretary and Sr. Dr. Betty Jose SH, Treasurer (2010 – 2013 First term); and to Sr. Dr. Alphonse Mary FIHM, Vice President, Sr. Dr. Liza FSLG, Secretary and Sr. Dr. Hilda Lobo UFS, Treasurer (2013 – 2016 Second term). The coordinators Mr. Joji and Mr. Cyril are worth a mention. Mr. Cyril has done the major work of getting the Permanent FCRA registration for SDFI. Finally a big thank you to all the Sister Doctors of the Forum for their whole hearted cooperation and all their contributions to the growth of SDFI.

I remember with joy and gratitude the assistance rendered by Rev. Fr. Lawrence D’Souza, Former Director, St. John’s Medical College, Rev. Fr. Mathew Abraham CSsR, Rev. Fr. Tomi Thomas IMS of CHAI, Dr. Bobby Joseph and all the faculty members of St. John’s Medic al College and Leaders ofSJMCAlumniAssociation.

My sincere thanks to Misereor, Germany, for their financial support, and Mr. Martin Pinto, our Auditor, who helped us with the registration of our Trust and in getting Prior Permission and FCRA.

Let the Lord who has been walking with us unceasingly, be praised for all the wonders He has done in and through each one of us.

Sr. Dr. Lucian SCC