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About us

Jesus the Divine Healer came with a Mission of Proclaiming the Father’s love to all mankind.  Jesus’ calling to every Sister Doctor of India to walk in His footsteps and continue the same mission of giving life in its fullness, set a zeal of love and compassion to reach to the sick and the suffering through the holistic healing services. Like Jesus, the Sister Doctors reach to the suffering humanity in the remote areas of India where there are minimal access to on-going medical education and upgraded technology and hence they face many challenges in providing health care services to those in need.

The Sister Doctors Forum of India (SDFI)  was officially inaugurated in the year 1993. For a few years the Sister Doctors in different regions would gather together to share their knowledge, experience and problems. In view of their on-going formation and their mutual support, many Sister Doctors felt the need to have an association for themselves. Later on 5th June 1993, during the National Convention of CHAI in Ernakulam, the Sister Doctors Forum of India (SDFI) was founded . Sr. Dr. Lillian was the first President of the forum. The Forum grew steadily and persistently under the able leadership of Sr. Dr. Lillian , Sr. Dr. Hermina, Late Sr. Dr. Lina, Sr. Dr. Lucian and presently Sr. Dr. Beena.

On February 4, 2009, the forum was formally registered as a trust in New Delhi.

Presently there are about a thousand Sister Doctors in India committing themselves through their dedicated service bringing holistic healing to the people in India.

The Sister Doctors have specialised in various fields of Medicine like Cardiology, General Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Radiology, Psychiatry, Pathology, Family Medicine, and Public Health Medicine.

The Vision of SDFI is to bring holistic healing towards fullness of life by following the mandate of Jesus Christ, the Divine Healer, and foster fellowship and solidarity among its members by mutual sharing of their sisterly experiences and updating their professional knowledge and expertise.

The Sister Doctors Forum of India (SDFI) organizes various activities at the Regional and National levels. They  extend their services to improve the health of the people through programmes like anaemia control and treatment, awareness of women’s health, save the girl child program etc.  They have been in the forefront during natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, the Tsunami etc. rendering service wherever needed.  They  work and collaborate with other organizations like CBCI Health Commission, Catholic Health Association of India, Catholic Medical Mission Board, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas India and others.

Presently in 2017, the Sister Doctors have undertaken a project on Early Detection of Cancer in Women through awareness, screening and treatment.

May God who called the Sister Doctors to continue His holistic healing mission, bless them and all those with whom they work in collaboration. The Sister Doctors are grateful to the many people who have extended their generous support, guidance and expertise.

May the Eucharistic Lord Jesus living within the Sister Doctors act through them to bring His love and compassion to His people in need. God bless all.