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Objectives of SDFI

  • To develop and foster solidarity and fellowship among the members through mutual sharing of the vision and experience, and exchange of views.
  • To strengthen and deepen the religious commitment and spiritual life and to evolve a specific spirituality which will help the members in the healing ministry.
  • To uphold Christian principles, values and ethics in health care practices.
  • To update professional knowledge, skills and attitude of the members by continuing medical education and improve the quality and standards of health care services
  • To respond to the urgent needs of the times, in the field of health and development.
  • To have a preferential option for the poor and marginalized, especially the women, empowering and enabling them to attain and maintain health and full human development and help them in their struggle for their rights, in the field of health
  • To publish books, journals, magazines, pamphlets, newsletters and other materials and to undertake research to improve the health of the people.
  • To promote community health and family welfare programs with a holistic approach to health and healing.

Organizational Structure and Functioning of SDFI