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The Late Sr. Dr. Lina Muppathumkalam HCM, was elected as the third President of SDFI in 2007. She invested her heart and soul for the forum and brought in a lot of changes. The Sister Doctors Forum of India had the privilege of having a vibrant visionary President, Sr. Dr. Lina, from the year 2007 to 2010. Her dream was to take SDFI to greater heights of medical service in India.

The following are her contributions to SDFI:

SDFI Directory: The first edition of the SDFI Directory came into being through her hard work. She was successful in securing details of 631 Sister Doctors to compile this directory.

Registration of the Forum as a Trust: Sr. Dr. Lina succeeded in getting the Forum registered as a Trust with its Head Quarters in New Delhi.

SDFI website: She was the pioneer who launched the first SDFI website at the SDFI AGBM in Patna on 13th March 2009.

Besides these works she has organized National Level CME andAGBM with the following themes

  • Sister Doctor: A Doctor with a Difference- 2008
  • Women’s Health, Nations Wealth- 2009

I would like to summarize the main events of the Forum from 2007 – 2009:

  1. Computer Training for the Sister Doctors in Boscoits, Yellagiri- 20 Sister Doctors participated.
  2. Disaster Management in Flood Relief Camp in Kalpetta,Kerala.
  3. Medical Camp arranged for Chikungunya affected Patients in Kerala.
  4. Medical Camps arranged for Victims of Kandhamal.

Our special thanks to all the Board members and to the past coordinators of the Forum Sr. Susan Joseph MMM, MSW, Mr. Praveen Abraham MSW and Mr. Soji J Moothedan MSW.

She always encouraged the forum to collaborate with CBCI Health Commission, Caritas India, and CHAI etc. She continued an efficient net working of SDFI with these groups. SDFI was represented by her nationally and internationally. She represented SDFI in Georgetown University, Washington DC and Catholic Medical Mission Board, New York for the strategic planning in Health, Education and Social Development by the Church in India.

In 2009, she was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to complete her duties as President; and hence Sr. Dr. Lucian SCC was appointed as a Coordinator to carry on the functions of the Forum. Sr. Lina slipped away into eternity, peacefully and totally aware that she is going to her Lord, at 2.45 am on the 19th of September 2010, on her 66th birthday, in Khairabad.

Sr. Dr. Lina HCM